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Current Projects...

Here are the projects I'm currently the most focused on! If you have have something that could fit into getting healthy, saving money or building wealth contact me and I'll take a look, I'm always OPEN!!!


Get Healthy

I've learned that if you are not healthy nothing else really matters! The trick is finding something that is simple to use, sustainable over time and can fit into anyone's lifestyle. There are millions of choices in the supplement world but very few that measure up to exactly what we've been looking for. Click below to find out why we choose to partner with the "Z" company!


Save Money

Everyone pays bills and many are being overcharged without ever knowing it. I came across a platform that only earns a profit if they are able to lower someone's bills at home or business which is a huge WIN - WIN - WIN for everyone involved! What's even better is how SIMPLE it is as all someone does is upload their monthly bills and let them go to work! There's also an affiliate program too!


Build Wealth

There's very few things that will always be around to build life long wealth and of them is real estate! While the market might fluctuate land value will always be increasing along with the buildings that fill them. EXP realty is more than just real estate but allows agents to participate in the overall revenue of a global publicly traded company with innovative leadership at the helm!

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