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What is The Duplic8 Group?

The Dulplic8 Group has been 20+ years in the making is ready to empower those in the direct sales industry in every way possible!

When I first learned what a home based business was my first thought was "too good to be true" and my second was "I could never do that." Those two phrases didn't create a lot of confidence or positive feelings for potential. At the time I was extremely introverted, quiet and kept to myself so the thought of meeting strangers so I could sell them something was as far from what I could ever see myself doing as the distance from our sun to Earth! But, I wanted freedom more than I was fearful of speaking to others. While my introverted nature held be back socially it was my desire to not have anyone that could tell me what to do that propelled me into the direct sales profession.

In the first 5-10 years I surround myself with leaders who created MASSIVE success for themselves, many earning an excess of $1 Million per month (not per year or cumulative over time). My belief was if I could learn even a little bit of what they were doing I could make at least $100,000 per month. Over the past 22 years I've been part of various companies in some way or another - field leader, executive, consultant, technology provider, systems analyst, communication director and many others roles. The common denominator I've found in almost every company is that ANYONE can succeed at ANY company and the key is ALWAYS duplication of the right behaviors which create the best results.

Many believe duplication is about taking what they know and teaching it to others, in a way making a copy of themselves. The reality is that duplication is not about people, it's about systems.

Duplicating people will always fail, especially when ego is involved, because people don't win, systems do.

A system is all about Saving Your Self Time, Energy & Money (SYSTEM) because those last three are things most don't have a lot of. When I made this realization I knew the best way to create success in a home based business was by learning how to build simple systems that everyone could do without much guidance (the introvert in me didn't want to teach in front of the room).

The Duplic8 Training Guide

The very first "system" I helped create 8 years ago as of today was called "The Duplic8 Guide" for Viridian Energy. I had been invited to be on the Leadership Council and remember drawing out the duplic8 on a white board after others in the rooms laid out 8 steps they taught their teams. Those 8 steps still hold true today, they were:

  1. Define Your Why

  2. Set Goals & Make Commitments

  3. Who do you know? (Make a List)

  4. Contact & Invite

  5. Show the Program

  6. Follow up & Follow through

  7. Plug into your Support Team

  8. Learn, Use, Teach & Repeat

After helping to create that system I knew this was the part of building a home based business I enjoyed most. Over years I would learn how to speak on stage when needed, host events, prospect, coach, mentor and lead teams but I truly loved building systems. I believe one of the main reasons I've been associated with so many companies (around 50) over the past 22 years is my search for common systems top leaders utilize for their businesses. I've also been to at least 100 company or industry events absorbing and learning from the best of the best.

Once I had success in the field I started helping 6-7 figure earners build systems of their own which grew into a massive marketing agency in a few short years. While I enjoyed that business I missed being "on the ground" with companies and distributors. In 2019 I started moving into corporate consulting which led to my first "official" executive role in 2021 as a Director of Communications followed by other positions at different companies. Through the years I was able to create relationships with several vendors of technologies such as back office platforms, mobile applications, payment processors and many others which allowed me to bring immense value to companies who needed to evolve so they could scale and grow.

I always dreamed of creating a team of professionals who could do everything in house that could grow with a company, not just provide a service. The one missing piece has been a technology firm with a vast amount of digital experience in programming and online marketing. It's fairly easy to find someone that can program anything you want but it's rare when that same person understands online marketing who can build platforms which integrate into the front and back end of all technologies being used. Now, I've not only partnered with one person who can develop anything we need for our clients but a team of digital engineers who can build e-commerce sites, virtual back offices, mobile applications, payment processes, marketing tools and dynamic resources. We've formed a partnership that combines consulting and technology to form The Duplic8 Group.

Our mission at The Duplic8 Group is to help direct selling companies create a multi-channel platform which can scale and to evolve with digital and marketing trends. This company will be able to replace any current technology at 1/2 the cost with 10 times the capabilities while helping new organizations launch with platforms they can grow into over time without the fear of needing a large upfront budget.

The 8 Pillars of a Direct Sales Company

  • Technologies (websites, payments, apps, etc)

  • Systems (on-boarding, training, retention programs, etc)

  • Rewards (compensation, loyalty, executives, leaders, etc)

  • Communications (corporate, field, leadership, etc)

  • Offers (products, services, R&D, promotions, etc)

  • Operations (Policies & Procedures, Compliance, Legal, etc)

  • Reputation (Social Media Platforms, Public Relations, Business cycle, etc)

  • Strategies (Marketing, Lead Generation, Mergers, Acquisitions, etc)

If you'd like us to prepare a Duplic8 Report for your company which creates an assessment of the 8 pillars of a Direct Sales Company then contact me directly:

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