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Systems Win, People Don't

Over the past 20+ years as an entrepreneur working from home (really anywhere around the world) in the direct sales industry I've seen many people come and go. Some will say things like "it didn't work for me", "the timing wasn't right" or "no one said yes" but the truth is they didn't have a system to help them win. People who join a direct sales company tend to believe it's about the person sharing it, their influence, skills or number of friends but I've learned none of those matter.

For the first 10 years of my career in direct sales I focused on getting around people who were where I wanted to be and figured out how to add value wherever I could. One of the commonalities I found between those who experienced success (earning a six-seven figure yearly income) is they all had a some type of system, even the ones who said they didn't. I would observe them in front of the room, talking to waiters, interacting with their team and spending time with their families. The ones who had true freedom taught a system and usually everyone in the company was "amazed" and in "awe" of what they could accomplish in such a short time (3-6 months).

After seeing this at multiple companies in various industries over a decade I started to use these systems instead of trying to do it how I thought would work. By the way, I'm a born introvert that would rather watch a movie and chill than go to a networking event or anywhere that involved interacting with other humans (probably why I was a dog trainer for many years). Looking back I'm not sure why I thought my way would work since I didn't even like speaking to someone one on one, never mind to a group!

As soon as I started developing systems that allowed me to overcome my awkward lack of communication skills with other people I started seeing success. I even had the opportunity to help launch a company where we had a team of over 35,000 people which was another HUGE learning experience in building systems everyone could use.

Now, after building hundreds of systems for several companies, industry leaders and online entrepreneurs I've fine tuned the process where everyone can create success at any level they desire.

So, what makes up a simple system everyone can win with?

Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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