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A Dinner with Legends!

We had such a fun night talking shop and masterminding with these incredible friends this weekend!!!

I met Larry and Taylor Thompson at an event they hosted called the Gig Summit in 2019 where they shared the state of where our industry is heading while providing guidance on how to navigate it’s evolution (or destruction).

They talked about how direct selling companies are not each other’s competition, the exponentially growing gig economy is. If you don’t know who Larry and Taylor are they helped a little wellness company growing into the billions along with their friend Jim Rohn. Needless to say they have seen every scenario, led some of the largest teams in our industry and consulted with companies to create an evolving culture that can scale with our changing times.

Ever since that event in 2019 I have literally been hunting for companies that are open to what is happening in our economy and market landscape. Some appeared to be open, so I would partner with them either in the field or corporate (sometimes both) but when I’d see egos come out or mission falter I’d attempt to guide down the path we had originally been set up but was disappointed several times. When I’d move away from some of the companies they would do things like suspend our accounts, stop paying us or simply block me on social media. Most of the time over the past few years I’ve felt like I’m at a school playground where people push each other down if someone doesn’t want to play with them.

One of the massive realizations I made was that technology is the Achilles heal of many companies - slows growth, creates a money drain on the balance sheet and what was available on the market didn’t have the ability to scale like an Amazon (since 80% of the companies use the same 4 technologies). I and thought it was compensation plans, product offerings, executives or culture - but they are all relative and personal opinions.

This is one of the biggest reasons I’m so passionate about systems and technologies right now because without them in place a company will not survive - no matter how amazing their products are, how much money someone can make or how incredible the leadership is. Nothing matters if you can’t go toe to toe with other gigs out there such as Uber and scale like an Amazon while looking like Apple!

So, back to dinner with the Thompsons (sounds like a sitcom)…

This couple is so dynamic, wise and full of life! One thing I took away was a sense of validation in my search for something better and different as they have been on a similar path. You’ll be seeing some amazing things come from them as they are on a mission of empowering others to create a life most don’t have the vision to see for themselves filled with choices, freedom and happiness.

Angel and I are blessed to call them friends and excited about what’s to come for us all!

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