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8 Question Countdown to Launching Your Own Personal Brand!

Launching your own personal brand is similar to a shuttle getting into outer space. Shuttles requires a concentrated amount of energy for a certain period of time to get out of the atmosphere and then only need a fraction once it's entered outer space, using bursts to move around easily.

When growing a personal brand someone should ask themselves some deep questions before they launch. This way once it's out in the public eye they can easily navigate with small bursts of activity aligned with their personal brand.

Answer these 8 questions BEFORE launching a personal brand so you can meet all of your future raving fans!

Let the Duplic8 Countdown BEGIN...

8.... EIGHT topics you can easily talk about with friends?

  • Think of those things you LOVE to talk about at parties, online or when out with friends.

  • What you love will define YOU, aka your brand!

  • Look at your social media for clues!

7... SEVEN brands you purchase products or services from regularly?

  • Look at your clothes, jewelry, makeup, supplements - jot those down

  • What you buy could be a good clue of what you represent

  • Think about why you chose those brands? logo? colors? values? story?

6... SIX people you follow and enjoy their content?

  • Where do you turn for answers or who do you trust?

  • What authors, podcasters, news anchors, bloggers, video creators, influencers do you like?

  • Again, look at your social media!

5... FIVE values you want your brand to have?

  • These are the core beliefs of your brand - is it innovative? creative? empowering?

  • Make sure these are who YOU are and what YOU stand for!

  • Write down what YOU value the most and start there!

4... FOUR things you want others to SAY about your brand?

  • When someone sees your brand what would they say?

  • How would someone talk about your brand to someone else?

  • Try asking someone to describe YOU for inspiration!

3... THREE words to describe your brand?

  • Think of ALL the words you'd like associated to your personal brand then circle the top 3 that you feel are the most important.

  • What words do you use to describe brands you love?

  • Which words describe YOU?

2... TWO feelings you want others to have about your brand?

  • What emotions do you want to evoke in others? Peace? Excitement? Fear? Love?

  • If you were to read an article about your brand how would someone review it?

  • Close your eyes and see your brand, how does it make YOU feel?

1... ONE challenge you think you'll face when launching your personal brand?

  • Think of all the challenges you could face.

  • Are you short on time? Not consistent? Easily distracted? Think you don't have the funds to make it happen?

  • Then pick the BIGGEST challenge as your ONE, then figure out how to overcome that today!

Now that you've completed the Duplic8 Branding Launch Countdown it's time to step into action and start making it happen!

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