Get Upset! (Rule #1 of TMF)

I am absolutely LOVING this book! I'm reading, listening and writing these notes so I can absorb the information in multiple ways through several senses (visual, auditory, tactile and memory recall).

This chapter made me ANGRY at how small I've been playing, not reaching my potential, and caused me to take MASSIVE action! Since reading it and completing the action steps I've launched an online bootcamp for branding, written a blog everyday (will continue to do so for the next 30 days) and researching the best way to enter into the real estate industry an an additional income stream. This is all on top of being involved in two company pre-launches (women's fashion & wholesale electricity), being personally mentored by Ray Higdon and finally working on my own personal branding!

It made me think WHY I'm doing the things I'm doing even though I know the answers. I hold myself back due to not knowing the right direction to go or feeling held back because I feel stuck where I am.

If you’d like to grab the book so you can dive into these 10 simple rules to redefine what’s possible and radically reshape your life here:

These are my highlights and notes from chapter/rule one:

  • The risk was in staying where you were and never knowing what could have been.

Complacency is the enemy of each and every one of us.

  • always be moving forward

Misery will build while your comfort can only dwindle.

  • have to work on being positive as negative thoughts are the default and easily creep in

  • stop accepting your life as it is

As kids we are told: "you get what you get an you don’t get upset."

  • this makes sense as children to teach boundaries but as we get older that programming can build barriers to success we don't even know that are present.

Step 1: conquer your fear of the unknown

  • focus on accountability

  • create plan to overcome challenges

  • make small changes

Step 2: Recognize your challenges

  • what’s holding back, dig deep

  • question why you do things you do

  • what will life look like without what’s holding back

  • ideas to tackle them, nothing too crazy

Step 3: establish your next steps, even if small

  • don’t worry about whether this doesn’t fit your personality

  • complaining about your situation will never change it

  • what can you be accountable to? (getting up at 6am)

Step 4: start on your journey - one step at a time

  • use time blocks

  • don't do it all at once

  • "don't put yourself at risk by putting all your eggs in one basket - especially if you're unhappy with the amount of eggs or hate the basket."

Life is not a dress rehearsal - Oprah Winfrey
  • Be the example to those around you

  • Do your goals and drive outweigh your fears?

The lesson: if you don't want the life they have, don't listen to them.

  • look to duplicate success, not failure!

Nipsey Hussle, rapper: "If you look at the people in your circle and don't get inspired, then you don't have a circle. You have a cage."

We all can plant our seeds, but how we water and tend to those seedlings is crucially important to the success of anything we set out to accomplish.

If you’d like to grab the book:

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