11 years preparing for 2021...

Let’s time warp back to 2009...

I was running a successful financial services brokerage and a new client asked me to take a look at a new business venture he was gettting involved in.

He said, “what do you know about energy deregulation?”

I thought it was was some new fancy type of drink that would keep you up and replace coffee - LOL!

When I learned about how the electricity market really works and people never had a choice to select where their energy was sourced from or which company they wanted to use only ONE word popped in my head: OPPORTUNITY.

I was under the impression that all energy came from one company run by the government. In reality it was very similar to how phone companies had a monopoly until it was broken up which created mega companies like Verizon, AT&T (the original monopoly), T-Mobile and many others.

So, I jumped in. Who wouldn’t want to switch and save up to 30% on a bill they had to pay every month or not have electricity! I understood the power of residual income from finance and this was something that had even greater potential.

The distribution model they used was somewhat new to me but I was seeing seven figure incomes being generated in a short period of time. After 2 years of growing the network, expanding into other states and helping the company acquiring over 200,000 customers the product began from to change. The customer savings was reduced, the rewards program adjusted and so I decided to move on.

It was a great experience of making life long friendships, learning how to run a large organization from amazing mentors and even sat on the leadership council where I helped create the training program for the entire company!

Fast forward to 11 years later and a friend from that company sent me this...

We had kept in touch but had not worked together for over a decade. I put the hints together - Texas and new venture. Before I even messaged him back I said to myself, “I’m in.”

Since we had last talked I had launched a few companies and understood the potential of being first in a company before anyone knows about it, especially something as residual as energy. Now, with the experience and network I had acquired over the last 10 years I knew this could be BIG - not just for myself but for everyone I could bring with us during pre-launch.

While this opportunity is still in deregulated energy the product being offered is VERY different. There is no guessing or hoping we save customers money, it’s built into the program automatically. The rewards plan is based on overall revenue of the ENTIRE company and everyone can participate. We are predicting and preparing for over 1,000,000 customers in 2021.

We are putting together a group of people who understand the power of being in first and enjoy helping others save or make more money...

If you know anyone let me know!

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Email: contact@jamesleonhardt.com

Text: 512-516-5841

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