Is your Personal Brand ready for a Bootcamp?

Over the last 18 years I've been a home based entrepreneur and have become a pro at helping others launch their personal brands so I figured it was time to host a 30 Day Bootcamp: click here to learn more!

My goal is to help you avoid the 8 mistakes when launching your personal brand and create a community of raving fans who want what you have to offer. I'm hosting this 30 Day Branding Bootcamp so I can provide the tools, resources, tutorials, books, websites and mentors that have helped me launch so many home based entrepreneur's personal brands over the past decade without you having to figure it out yourself. I've condensed thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and years of learning into 30 days so you can launch into 2021 with a personal brand to be proud of! One of the biggest reasons I'm doing this bootcamp for others is also for MYSELF so I'll be showing you EXACTLY what I'm doing to grow my personal brand too!

A mentor I'm working with right now, Ray Higdon, will be joining us during the Bootcamp to add immense value to those who participate! Ray's clients pay him tens of thousands for personal one on one coaching to grow their six and seven figure businesses exponentially, you'll get his expertise included in this 30 Day Branding Bootcamp!

What will the 30 Day Branding Bootcamp include?

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Mastermind Zooms

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Tools, Resources & Tutorials

  • Brand Champion Contest

Winners of the Brand Champion Contest will get access to our private training with Ray Higdon (

When will the 30 Day Branding Bootcamp take place?

  • Dates: December 8th, 2020 - January 8th, 2021

What is the investment?

  • $88 one time for 30 Days of masterminds, challenges, tools, resources and tutorials to launch your personal brand (which equals only $2.93/day)!

  • For a 20% discount until December 3rd use the code: blog

Where can you join the 30 Day Branding Bootcamp?

At the end for this 30 Day Branding Bootcamp you'll have learned:

  • why you need a personal brand to promote

  • how to manage and grow your social influence

  • the easiest way to attract more leads without much work

  • how to build a personal brand on a budget

  • grow a brand in the pockets of your life

  • never run out of people to talk to

  • how to create additional income streams

BONUS: you'll get access to 30 Day Branding Bootcamp mastermind recordings, challenges and trainings FOREVER!

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