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Does Baby Yoda need more Time, Money & Freedom?

Who doesn’t?!

If you are a Mandalorian fan like me then the term “Baby Yoda” evokes emotions of excitement, wonder and curiosity.

It can create questions like:

  • what will happen next?

  • who is he? (His name was revealed last week as Grogu)

  • where has he been?

  • is he on the light or dark side?

  • will be become a Jedi?

So, why would Baby Yoda need more time, money and freedom? Well, in reality he doesn’t. Baby Yoda lives in a fictional world where people with laser guns can’t aim, evil regimes that have world destroying technology are taken down by a single shot to a specific air vent and space ships that are destroyed are fixed as fast as popcorn pops in the microwave. Now, let’s circle back to the real world where everyone is chasing more time, money and freedom - not storm troopers, light sabers and Death Stars.

Ray and Jessica Higdon originally titled their new book from Hay House “The Lifestyle Solution” but I think it was a great decision to change it to “Time, Money, Freedom” as it defines what the challenges are that hold people back from having the life they want.

I’ll be writing some detailed reviews of the book as I dive into each of the 10 Rules like I’m studying an ancient text made to be deciphered. While the 10 Rules are simple and timeless they warrant intense study as mastering them lead to unlimited time, money and freedom (along with happiness, love and forgiveness - maybe that’s the hidden code)!

Here are the 10 Simple Rules:

  1. Get Upset

  2. Pluck Your Weeds

  3. Take Your Why and Turning it into Your Vision

  4. Change Your Relationship with Money

  5. Build Your Mindset

  6. Prepare the Ground

  7. Create Successful Habits

  8. Do, Don’t Plan: Using Tools to Guarantee Results

  9. Have a Commitment Strategy, Not an Exit Strategy

  10. Make an Impact

If you’d like to grab the book so you can dive into these 10 simple rules to redefine what’s possible and radically reshape your life here:

Be on the lookout for future articles related to the book as I’ll be sharing exact action steps and insights in real time!

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